Le Collectif CCIE

The Collective for Countering Islamophobia in Europe is a non-profit organization founded in Belgium on November 1, 2020. It aims at acting against rejection, hatred and discrimination against people and institutions due to their real or supposed belonging to the Muslim faith.

The CCIE is an independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization solely funded by its sympathizers (members and donors). It works towards equality and justice.

The main activity of the CCIE is centered around three axes:

  1. Legal and psychological support for victims of Islamophobia
  2. Raising awareness on Islamophobia (organizing campaigns, events and training sessions)
  3. Conducting surveys and analyses on Islamophobic bias at European level

Although the collective is a young organisation, its creation at the end of 2020 coincides with a reality in some European countries like France and Austria, where organizational freedoms are threatened by the authorities. More specifically, the birth of the CCIE is a result of France’s security abuses that led to the dissolution of several organizational structures, such as the CCIF (The Collective for Countering Islamophobia in France), whose 17 years of intellectual production as well as its annual reports from 2003 onwards, its communication means and its advocacy experience at a European level have been handed down to the Collective for Countering Islamophobia in Europe. The CCIE also inherits an identical approach to the phenomenon of Islamophobia, as well as to its definition:

Islamophobia refers to all acts of verbal or physical violence and discrimination against an establishment, a legal entity or a natural person due to its real or supposed belonging to the Islamic faith.

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