Report islamophobia

The Collective for Countering Islamophobia in Europe is available from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12.30pm: 

Belgian number: +32 2 315 11 10 

French number: +33 9 72 49 34 48

Numéro anglais :  +44 20 3445 6095

You may call one of these numbers directly and your demand will be dealt with in one of these languages: English, French, Dutch or Arabic.

Are you a victim of Islamophobia (discrimination, insult, threat, assault, …), did you witness an incident of Islamophobia (incitement to hatred, desecration, …) Please fill in the form.

In order for us to process your case under the best conditions, you may also provide more details about the Islamophobic incident by filling out the detailed reporting form.

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