In France, does the CRIF have a share in Social Media Censorship?

Is there a link between the closure of social media accounts and the CRIF (The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France)?

This question legitimately arises when analysing the PBB.News Instagram account that has almost 2 million subscribers. After it published some articles reporting on the situation in Palestine, the account received numerous reports and was deactivated on March 28. In its 8 years of activity, this is the fourth time that the editorial staff has had its Instagram accounts closed, hence losing each time several hundred thousand subscribers.

Why is there a censorship – as in the case of PBB.News – of articles denouncing the ongoing genocide in G@za?

Is it perhaps because on May 13 several CRIF members met Laurent Solly, Southern Europe’s vice-president at Meta, to discuss “Meta’s commitments in the fight against anti-Semitism and online hatred”, as mentioned in a tweet on the CRIF’s X-account1?

We may therefore legitimately question the CRIF’s role in Meta’s censorship of articles that denounce the genocidal policy of the State of Israel, as in the case of PBB.News.

Since the beginning of the deadly attacks in G@za last October, the Meta group (which owns Facebook, Instagram, Threads and WhatsApp) has continually censored content in support of the Palestinian cause. It has reduced visibility, blocked functionalities, and deactivated network’s accounts in a direct and unappealable manner.

The CCIE supports all information groups seeking to expose cases of discrimination on social media due to censorship.

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